James Bond, starting the Statue Park level.

The Statue Park in St. Petersburg, commonly called by its short name, Statue, marks the beginning of Bond's sixth mission. It is a labyrinth of statues, monuments, and other fallen remains of the Soviet Union, along with other debris, such as shipping containers. Bond must first meet with ex-KGB agent Valentin Zukovsky here, then confront the head of Janus under a statue of Lenin. After the confrontation, he must locate the stolen Pirate helicopter and rescue Natalya before it explodes. His last objective is to recover the helicopter's flight recorder, which is thrown a short distance into the park.

Weapons Edit

PP7 Special Issue

DD44 Dostovei (Mishkin)

KF7 Soviet

Automatic Shotgun


Goldeneye 007 (Music) - Statue

Goldeneye 007 (Music) - Statue

The Statue music.

Russian Infantry

Janus Special Forces

Siberian Guard (St. Petersburg)

Dimitri Mishkin (if provoked, but instantly results in the mission's failure)

Alec Trevelyan


Statue Park in the game was inspired by a scene in the film, which in turn was inspired by Fallen Monument Park in Moscow. The name itself is shared with a similar park in Budapest, Hungary.


Statue Circled

A modded multiplayer level menu.

Statue has a completed multiplayer setup in the final version of the game, but the stage is not available to play normally. The stage suffers from severe slowdown and numerous blackouts in multiplayer, even when limited to two players.

It is speculated that Statue was cut due to its dark atmosphere and inability to close off any part of the level to make it smaller for multiplayer. The level also suffers from lags and blackouts while playing; the portalling can be clearly seen, even through the fog.

Gameshark code to unlock Statue Park in MultiplayerEdit

8102B17D 0085
8102B17F 0086
8002B187 0016
8102B183 0007
802ADBFD 0054
802ADBFE 0041
802ADBFF 0054
802ADC00 0055
802ADC01 0045[1]



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