This is a 1st person model, most notably used to bring up the watch menu. It consists not as a single model, but as a multipart model that selects one of six embedded arm models determined by the current stage settings.

The six embedded arm models Edit

  • Boiler Suit Cuff
  • Brosnan Tux Cuff
  • Connery Tux Cuff
  • Blue Suit Cuff
  • Jungle Outfit Cuff
  • Snowsuit Cuff

Notably, Dalton and Moore tuxedo arm models are not present in this object, though they are found in other 1st person models.

In addition to the six arm models, four other models are present to build the watch display.

  • Main Watch Case
  • Hour Hand
  • Minute Hand
  • Second Hand

It is interesting to note that the watch keeps accurate time. Each hand is separate controlled and its position advanced relative to the current stage time.