James Bond looking at Satellite Dish in first Surface level.

The Severnaya Installation 1 is the fourth level in the game where Bond must go to sneak into the Satellite Control Bunker. The guards patrolling either carry Sniper Rifles, Klobbs, or KF7s. The surroundings of Surface is pine trees and snowy grounds. The Surface is pretty much a wide open level that contains the little huts, a satellite dish with inside features where an objective takes place, and trails with little hills along side of them. There's also an outpost area with two more huts, and it's fenced in. Down past that is another hut with a camera on it. If the camera sees you, the Arctic Commandos will appear, along side the Siberian Special Forces. The way to get out of the Surface is to shoot the locks on the ventilation tower, and drop down in to the Satellite Control Bunker.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Silenced PP7


KF7 Soviet

Sniper Rifle

Grenade Launcher


Goldeneye 007 (Music) - Severnaya

The Surface (1) music.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Siberian Special Forces

Russian Commandant

Arctic Commando (Reinforcements)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Surface 1 was originally supposed to have a white sky, but was later changed to a unique pink and blue sky.
  • The small watchtowers were originally supposed to be used by snipers, but since the GoldenEye AI is incapable of seeing over railings the snipers were only able to fire if the player actually climbed the ladder up into the watchtower.
  • Destroying the console instead of using it will fail the mission, and also frequently cause serious glitches in the texture mapping of enemies that spawn afterwards, including guards with completely black or metallic faces and misapplied face textures which repeat multiple times. Sometimes the small ammo/weapon picture in the bottom-right corner may be corrupted as well.
  • The scrapped motorbike model from Runway is visible in a small hut in one corner of the map.
  • Destroying the crate in the room with the safe will lead to a shower of about a dozen books.
  • The map in the safe is an accurate map of Bunker 2. It can be destroyed with explosives or gunfire, failing the mission.
  • Severnaya simply means 'North' in Russian.

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