Talon HL-450


10(12 extended)
Unlocked at
Level 37

The Talon HL-450 (Heckler & Koch SL8-6) is a sniper rifle that only appears in GoldenEye 007 for the Wii. In Reloaded it is replaced with the AS15 Mk12.

Summary Edit

The Talon HL-450 (H&K SL8) is the third sniper rifle unlocked on Goldeneye Wii's online multiplayer, being unlocked at level 37. Despite being a later unlock than the Toros AV-400, the Talon is much less accurate, and its rate of fire statistic is rather deceptive, firing slightly slower than the Toros, although appearing to be at maximum. However its larger magazine (twice the size of all but one sniper rifle) somewhat offsets this, as all Sniper Rifles have very slow reloads.

One rather unique shortcoming is that the gun model itself is absolutely gigantic, totally blocking a quarter of the screen and partially blocking the entire right-hand side.


Dam: Not Found.

Facility: Found with silencer in weapon case after saving the technician.

Airfield: Not found.

Nightclub: Not found.

Carrier: Behind glass in weapon cases, otherwise not found.

Outpost: Not found.

Bunker: Not found.

Archives: Not found.

Tank: No weapon pickups available.

Station: Not found.

Memorial Park: Not found.

Jungle: Not found.

Solar: Found on table in cooling unit room, also in large outdoor area, The one in the cooling room isn't silenced.

Cradle: Not found.


The Talon is unlocked at level 37, and is the second sniper rifle to accept a silencer. It is not as commonly seen as the Pavlov ASR, possibly due to it's occupying the entirety of the right side of your screen. Sniper rifles are less affected by perks than some of the other weapons, even silenced, it can be expected to kill in 1 shot to the head, neck, or chest, however its ability to effectively do this may be hampered by its unremarkable accuracy. Bio Booster and/or Reactive Armor are recommended to prevent against Pavlov-using counter-snipers, as well as people attempting to melee helpless snipers down. If you have the option, a proximity mine may be helpful to cover your flank, though you would probably be better off just using a more effective sniper rifle (WA2000 is unlocked 6 levels earlier.) As with all sniper rifles, a good pistol is a must, and the Kunara V is quite up to the task of close-quarters defense.