Taser (A.K.A stun gun) is an odd weapon found in GoldenEye 007 that is only available when the All Guns cheat is in use. The gun appears to be a "joke weapon": the words "Tazer Boy" are printed on the top-left corner of the weapon, a screen with a scrolling Bond silhouette adorns the upper portion of the gun, and the entire weapon resembles a hybrid between the taser and a Game Boy Pocket. The stun gun functions more like a pistol than an actual stun gun: it fires a single "bullet" while playing an electric zap sound effect, it is not a powerful weapon but is perfectly accurate with no recoil. Also like the moonraker laser it has no magazine or ammo restriction.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The stun gun had an entirely different appearance during development, it was a larger black gun with some sort of energy meter on the back. According to Nintendo Power Issue 093, this version of the stun gun had limited range and only incapacitated enemies, rather than killing them.
  • If you hold down the fire button the stun gun will not fire another shot unlike a pistol, however pressing the weapon switch button will fire another shot, this can make the stun gun fire slightly faster than it would normally.
  • The beta version of the Taser, resembled it more like a pistol-like version of it, rather then the hand-held one.
  • In the XBLA version of GoldenEye 007, The Tazer misses words "Tazer Boy" on it. The render with classic graphics turned on is also the same as with enhanced graphics.
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