The Living Daylights, also known as Flag Tag, is one of several multiplayer scenarios. Scoring is based on collecting and retaining the flag pickup within the stage. The player that holds the flag the longest is considered the winner. It does not allow teams.

In general, this is one of the least played scenarios and frequently is replaced with other user-created scenarios. While retaining the flag, the player is unable to draw items, use weapons, or pickup up body armor. The player carrying the flag is shown as Blue in the radar.

Tricks[edit | edit source]

Unarmed: Before picking up the flag, switch to Unarmed and hold down the "fire" button. The flag will become invisible and you will also have some form of defense. This also works with a hacked Hunting Knife. The radar still shows who has the flag, however.

Proximity Mines: Before picking up the flag, throw a Proximity Mine on it and deliberately commit suicide by picking it up. The flag will be destroyed and will not show up for the rest of the match meaning you win. This works better at lower health settings.

Archives: With the flag in hand, go to the starting room in Single Player (the door should have a metal box directly to its right) and close the door. Now turn around so that the flag does not stick out and get shot. The opponents cannot get in the door and you will win.

Note: This only works for the Golden Gun, Slappers Only!, Throwing Knives, and Automatics weapon sets.

No Radar (Multi): If there is no radar, look for an indistinct pattern on the wall and put your face to it. This makes it harder for enemies to know where you are.

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