The Man with the Golden Gun is one of several mulitplayer scenarios. This scenario forces the weapon set Golden Gun on the players, even if the weapon set has been replaced via hack and whether or not the new weapon set has no Golden Gun or more than one. If none is in a weapon set, then it is as if it is Normal scenario setting. Normal scoring and time rules apply.

There is only one Golden Gun on the field. The Golden Gun pickup does not normally respawn; instead, only one player can control the weapon. The radar records everyone as Red until someone takes posession of the Golden Gun, which the radar will then record them as Blue.

A regular weapon holder can kill the Golden Gun holder for points equal to the maximum number of players minus one. This bonus is added regardless of whether the holder is using the Golden Gun or not. Every non-holder kill will count as only one kill.

The scenario requires at least one Golden Gun in the weapon set. Ownership of the item itself is tested with the routine at 7F08CFC0. If true, the special player statistics flag is set to 1. As a result, the Golden Gun score is added to the player score count. Note, that every player with a Golden Gun will get the score bonus. Kills attributed to the Golden Gun are passed along with ownership of the weapon.

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