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Thermal Scope

The Thermal Scope is a rare weapon attachment in GoldenEye 007 for Wii and GoldenEye 007: Reloaded, only found on sniper rifles in the singleplayer mode.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Thermal Scope gives the weapon a special optic which provides a zoom equal to a Reflex Sight on, an ACOG Scope on rifles and equal to the weapon's default scope on sniper rifles. The display through the scope uses a low-contrast greyscale filter with enemies highlighted in white. All assault and sniper rifles are capable of accepting a Thermal Scope.

Campaign Mode:[edit | edit source]

Dam: Mounted on silenced Pavlov ASR in first guard tower.

Facility: Not found.

Airfield: Not found.

Nightclub: Not found.

Carrier: Mounted on unusuable weapons in glass cases, otherwise not found.

Outpost: On WA2000 midway through (Reloaded only).

Bunker: Not found.

Archives: Not found.

Tank: No weapon pickups available.

Station: On AS15 Mk12 on high walkway to right of tunnel, where RPG gunner spawns (Reloaded only)

Memorial Park: On Silenced Gambit CP-208 (multiple) atop guard post.

Jungle: Not found.

Solar: Not found.

Cradle: Not found.

Multiplayer:[edit | edit source]

The Thermal Scope is unlocked at level 38, and may be mounted on all assault and sniper rifles. When equipped, ADS Snap is disabled, and perhipheral vision is blocked by the scope's rim. The scope provides the default (~1.5-2x) magnification when mounted on assault rifles, and whatever magnification the scope would have had on sniper rifles. The reticule is also changed to a greyscale, low-contrast background, with allies and enemies alike highlighted in bright white, at the cost of a bit of definition. Thermal scopes also have a much larger viewmodel than ACOG or Reflex sights, which may be something to consider if you value your firearm taking up less than half of your screen.

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