The throwing knife is similar to Hunting knife except Bond holds it by the blade and throws it, rather than slashing with it. Damage-wise a thrown knife is not identical to a hunting knife slash, because when thrown (in comparison with the Hunting Knife), the armor that the enemy may have may take on the hit, and thus needs to be thrown several times. Since it is thrown, the knife has a longer range than slashing with its counterpart, but it takes skill to use one successfully, since the knife is affected by gravity. Generally Bond needs to aim differently on his target in order to hit them at a distance, and may never be the same height, similar to usage of the Grenade Launcher or other thrown weapons and gadgets. Thrown knives can be picked up.

These knives are only available in Bunker 2 but have their own cheat option and multiplayer weapon set.

Trivia And Notes[edit | edit source]

  • These knives may have also been based on the ones used by the characters Mischka and Grischka (Two men, henchmen of villain Kamal Khan) in James Bond movie "The Octopussy", but that is not the only inspiration.
  • Throwing knives are present in several James Bond 007 films/movies. These include:
  1. Moonraker (where an assassin attempts to murder Bond with one before Bond throws it back at him);
  2. For Your Eyes Only (where Milos Columbo throws a knife in Kristatos' back);
  3. Octopussy (where two of Kamal Khan's henchmen (the aforementioned henchmen), as well as Bond himself, throw knives);
  4. The World Is Not Enough (where the Cigar Girl throws a knife in Lachaise's neck);
  5. Skyfall (where Bond throws a knife in the back of the villain Raoul Silva).

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