Torka T3
Very High
Rate of Fire
8, 10 (Extended)
Unlocked at
Level 0

The Torka T3, (Tokarev TT-33 pistol) was designed by Fedor Tokarev, and first produced in 1930 as the TT-30, before being slightly upgraded to the TT-33 model. Its first appearance is in the Dam level.

Overview Edit

The semi automatic Torka comes with an 8 round magazine. It has a high rate of fire (compared to the P99 & Hawksman), a fast reload time and good accuracy. Its only downsides are it's low ammo capacity and weak damage per shot rating.

Missions LocatedEdit

Goldeneye ReloadedEdit

  1. Dam
  2. Facility

Singleplayer Edit


the Torka T3 ingame

This is the main sidearm carried by Russian workers and soldiers in Goldeneye, Your P99 is already a great sidearm, so carrying another is unnecessary. If you decide to pick it up, use it aggressively, as the Torka has a fast reload, but be warned of the non-highlighted iron sights, which can make aiming difficult in darkened areas (where the P99 would fare much better)


The Torka T3 is the default sidearm, given at rank 1. It has a 4 to 6 shot kill at short range, 3 shot at very close range, and 2 headshots, but operates useless at long range.