Bond has the option of fighting unarmed in every mission. The attack animations consist of karate chops, meant to imitate hitting certain nerves to debilitate enemies.

While the chop has short range, it has a unique property unlike that of most other weapons; enemies unaware of Bond's presence can be silently taken out in a single hit, with no consumption of ammo.

Names[edit | edit source]

1P Watch List: Unarmed

1P Abort Screen: Unarmed

Pickup: N/A

Weapon of Choice: Unarmed

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you have a sniper rifle, Bond will hit enemies with its stock instead of chopping them when unarmed. This is, however, purely cosmetic, and the attack itself remains the same.
  • In some stages, Unarmed is your only stealth weapon. It is particularly useful in Archives.
  • A player using Unarmed is not tracked by auto-aim, regardless of what they actually carry. This allows for some leeway when outgunned or after respawns.
  • If the attacker is killed around midway through the attack, the chop itself still continues as an active hitbox, making it possible to not only injure, but kill players beyond the grave with a ghost attack. This can turn out very handy in LTK, where it all but guarantees a kill.
  • It was, and is, a common joke in the GoldenEye community, that Bond is not attacking with karate, but rather, a slap. This, coupled with the relatively light-hearted and cartoony impact noises of the attack, makes it truly seem as if Bond is humorously slapping enemies. The joke itself has origins in the development team of GoldenEye - so much so, a gamemode (Slappers only!) revolving around the unarmed attack exists in multiplayer.
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