My user name is Smoke. I am one of three administrators here.

About me

I've been a Goldeneye fan since it came out back in 1997. I was... 11 years old then. Around 2000, I found out about the Gameshark, and learned to hack. I figured out quite a bit, though not nearly as much as SubDrag has (who I mostly learned from by watching and imitating him).

I am 26, former enlisted Marine, avid shooter. I am also an administrator at the Gun Wiki, Perfect Dark Wiki, and Mortal Kombat Wiki.

Works in Progress

Next walkthrough that I will be putting up will be for the Bunker II level.

  • Finish up the character section (images, extra articles, more details, standardization)
  • Walkthroughs.
  • Have been working on general wiki cleanup. My time is split between four wikis (including this one), so I may not be too prompt.
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