Meeting Room was the first true level created on the GoldenEye Setup Editor 2.0, using the visual editor. In the level, Depot has been transformed into a military base, full of motorcycles and fancy cars.

Objectives/Briefing[edit | edit source]

Objective 1: Rendezvous with Contact
Objective 2: Destroy Communication Equipment
Objective 3: Destroy Experimental Motorcycle
Objective 4: Relay Position to Agent
Objective 5: Collect Secret Files
Background: We've discovered a mass of enemies assembling near a set of abandoned warehouses in Kadychkan, Russia. They have a store of vehicles and we don't know their future plans. You must collect as much information as you can, then hightail out of there.
M Briefing: I've heard rumors that there's a key to the whole place in the movie theatre. Make sure you check under everything.
Q Branch: Our contact has a weapons case for you, Bond. It's my newest invention, a briefcase armament that contains everything you need to destroy their communications equipment.
Moneypenny: Be careful James, there are plenty of guards and I wouldn't want to see you hurt. You still owe me a night on the town.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It would have been extremely difficult to have done many portions of this level (especially the motorcycle holder) without the visual element of the editor.
  • This level has a mid-level cut-scene, showing Ouromov's car moving out of the glass section as its exploding.
  • If the key door was not opened and the monitor taken a picture of before doing the in-game cut-scene, that objective would be impossible. It was later found by Kcghost that mid-level cut-scenes make Bond lose all his pickups/keys.
  • The in-air flag was used liberally to make the motorcycle racks.
  • The consoles in one of the rooms explode the sets of glass one-by-one - careful, one contains a guard armed with 2x ar33s!
  • The level was designed to be stealthy, however, using the AR33 made all of the guards come out of their respective rooms, and unfortunately made the level too easy. It was designed to be used with a pp7 stealthily.


NEW Goldeneye Level - Meeting Room (using PP7)

Meeting Room (Using PP7)


NEW Goldeneye Level - Meeting Room (using AR33)

Meeting Room (Using AR33)

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