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Wolfe .44
Very High
Rate of Fire

The Wolfe .44 (Smith & Wesson Model 29) is a powerful handgun in GoldenEye 007 for Wii and GoldenEye 007: Reloaded.


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The Wolfe .44 is the most powerful pistol in Goldeneye 007 Wii (besides the Golden Gun). Wolfe is unlocked on Online multiplayer at level 51 and holds six powerful magnum bullets in its revolving chambers. Wolfe's powerful advantages also require skillful aim and timing, and in gameplay it's almost like a mini shotgun with range.

It's a deadly and fun handgun to shoot and also a favorite handgun of many level 56 players. Wolfe .44 is the best pistol in the hands of a skilled hotshot, it kills almost as fast as sniper rifle or shotgun. It fires more rapidly than a shotgun, but isn't as powerful as a shotgun. Unlike a shotgun, Wolfe can make these kills even at ranged shots (shotgun bullets explode and spread, greatly limiting shotgun accuracy at a distance). The Wolfe is very powerful for a pistol (2 or 3 rapid Wolfe shots are as powerful as an entire Kunara V auto-handgun magazine). Wolfe also greatly conserves ammo to aid in kill streaks (without reload Wolfe can take down 2 to 3 people, because it only takes 2 to 3 rapid shots each person). However Wolfe requires a different skill set from the automatic-fire Kunara V handgun that people get used to (Wolfe requires accurate aim opposed to Kunara V spraying then reload. Wolfe requires aim and timing skill set that is similarly required to master a shotgun, golden gun or sniper opposed to a SMG or Rifle). Both the Kunara V and Wolfe .44 handguns take practice to master and require an entirely different strategy, skill set and playing style to master, and each handgun excels in different applications.

Wolfe is a fine secondary backup handgun in combination with a shotgun because of it's great range (close quarters combat and around corners nothing beats a primary weapon, particularly the auto-shotgun Masterton, and with it you can have the Wolfe secondary handgun for range shots that shotguns can't reach). In Heros game mode, gangster Valentin 'Zuko' Zukovsky uses a Wolfe in his loadout (with a laser pointer to aid in even further ranged shots). In terms of backup handguns for Sub-Machine-Guns and Rifles, no backup handgun finishes off a hefty last remaining chunk of health of an opponent faster than a single Wolfe shot. Wolfe is also a 1 to 2 kill shot in "License to Kill" game mode at any range, making it a very deadly and fun gun to use in wide open areas (kills more quick than primary weapons!), thanks to Wolfe's greater range than a shotgun and having no radar pinpointing your GPS location in this game mode.

James Bond uses a revolver for backup/range (his S&W revolver is on the cover of the Bond novel "From Russia, With Love").